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Samira Jebahi 1 Article
Biologic Response to Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Associated with Orthopedic Device: Experimental Study in a Rabbit Model
Samira Jebahi, Mongi Saoudi, Riadh Badraoui, Tarek Rebai, Hassane Oudadesse, Zoubaier Ellouz, Hassib Keskese, Abdelfattah El Feki, Hafed El Feki
Korean J Pathol. 2012;46(1):48-54.   Published online February 23, 2012
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Carbonated hydroxyapatite (CHA) and related calcium phosphates have been studied for many years as implant materials due to their similarity with the mineral phase of bone. The main limitation of CHA ceramics as well as other bioactive materials is that they have poor mechanical proprieties. It is thought that the mechanical device can cause an increase in metabolic activity and bone healing. In this study we investigated the reactivity and tissue behaviour of implanted CHA biomaterial reinforced by mini external fixator.


The evaluation of biomaterial biocompatibility and osteogenesis was performed on a rabbit model over a period of 6 weeks by radiological, histological and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with energy dispersive X-ray SEM-energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis.


While rabbits treated with CHA exhibited more bone formation, and fibrous tissue was observed when empty bone defects were observed. EDX analysis detected little calcium and phosphorus on the surface of the bone that was not implanted, while high content of calcium (62.7%) and phosphorus (38%) was found on the interface bone cement.


Bone repairing showed that the mini external fixator stimulated the ossification which was pushed when grafted by CHA. This effect may play an important role in the prevention of implant loosening.


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