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Neuropathologic features of central nervous system hemangioblastoma ( 1,038 times )
Rebecca A. Yoda, Patrick J. Cimino
J Pathol Transl Med. 2022;56(3):115-125.   Published online May 3, 2022
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2022.04.13
Molecular Testing of Brain Tumor ( 24,478 times )
Sung-Hye Park, Jaekyung Won, Seong-Ik Kim, Yujin Lee, Chul-Kee Park, Seung-Ki Kim, Seung-Hong Choi
J Pathol Transl Med. 2017;51(3):205-223.   Published online May 12, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2017.03.08
Chondromyxoid Fibroma of the Ethmoid Sinus Complicated by a Brain Abscess: A Case Report and Literature Review. ( 2,433 times )
Kyu Yeoun Won, Juhie Lee, Youn Wha Kim, Eui Jong Kim, Sung Wan Kim, Yong Koo Park
Korean J Pathol. 2010;44(5):547-550.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2010.44.5.547
Malignant Glomus Tumors of the Stomach: A Report of 2 Cases with Multiple Metastases. ( 2,865 times )
Hyunjoo Lee, Yoon Seok Choi, Sang Cheul Oh, Jong Jae Park, Chul Whan Kim, Han Kyeom Kim, Insun Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2009;43(4):358-363.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2009.43.4.358
Anterior Neck Approach for 4-vessel Occlusion in Rats: A Study for Immunohistological Changes and the Effects of Aminoguanidine on Neuronal Cell Death in the Hippocampus. ( 1,176 times )
Young Jun Ahn, Ki Young Choi, Gu Kang, Yong Seok Kim, Seungkoo Lee, Il Young Cheong, Keun Woo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2007;41(6):393-405.
Nicotinamide Reduces the Infarct Volume in a Rat Model of Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion. ( 1,110 times )
Min Sup Lee, Young Jun Ahn, Ki Young Choi, Gu Kang, Seong Sik Kang, Il Young Cheong, Kun Jai Lee, Keun Woo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2006;40(2):93-102.
Effect of Antenatal Dexamethasone Treatment on Neuronal Morphogenesis. ( 1,239 times )
Soo Jeong Yoon, Heasoo Koo, Chong Il Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2005;39(2):81-90.
Correlation Between Neuronal Apoptosis and Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase after Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia. ( 1,341 times )
Byoung Yuk Yi, Sung Kyoo Hwang, Ku Seong Kang, Hong Hua Quan, Young Mi Lee, Jung Wan Kim, Eun Kyoung Kwak, Ji Young Park, Yoon Kyung Sohn
Korean J Pathol. 2004;38(6):364-371.
Effects of Calcitriol on Delayed Neuronal Damage of Hippocampus in Transient Global Ischemia Model of Mature Gerbil. ( 1,140 times )
Hye Jin Park, Hea Soo Koo, Woon Sup Han, Kyung Kyu Choi
Korean J Pathol. 2003;37(5):307-315.
Congenital Desmoplastic Cerebral Glioblastoma: A Case Report. ( 1,279 times )
Hong Il Ha, Seung Mo Hong, Seung Koo Lee, Shin Kwang Khang
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(6):440-444.
Suprasellar Endodermal Sinus Tumor Presenting with Tonic-Clonic Seizure: An Autopsy Case Report. ( 1,155 times )
Min Jin Lee, Hea Soo Koo, Woon Sup Han, Sun Hee Sung, Yong Jae Kim, Hye Young Choi
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(6):433-439.
Alterations of 9p21-22 Region Encoding Genes in Primary Glioblastomas. ( 1,187 times )
Hong Jik Doh, Seong Il Suh, Dong Won Kim, Il Man Kim, Man Bin Yim, Eun Ik Son, Kun Young Kwon, Sang Sook Lee, Sang Pyo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(6):394-399.
Chordoid Glioma: A Report of Two Cases. ( 1,226 times )
Eun Jung Park, Hyun Sik O, Min Cheol Lee
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(5):357-361.
Chordoid Glioma: A Case Report. ( 1,108 times )
Jang Hee Kim, Jae Ho Han, Chull Shim
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(1):66-69.
Immunohistochemical Expression of Synaptophysin in Brain Tumors. ( 2,739 times )
Byung Ha Choi, Shin Kwang Khang
Korean J Pathol. 2001;35(5):433-439.
Choroid Plexus Carcinoma: A Report of Two Cases. ( 1,169 times )
Young Ran Shim, Mi Jin Gu, Dong Sug Kim, Oh Lyong Kim, Woo Mok Byun, Yong Jin Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2001;35(2):176-179.
Histopathologic Change and Apoptotic Profile in Basal Ganglia of Rat Induced by Manganese Administration. ( 1,122 times )
Chang Won Ha, Jong Im Lee, Jung Ran Kim, Tae Jung Jang, Ki Kwon Kim, Dong Hoon Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(6):419-430.
Expression of Laminin Chains in the Neuronal Cells of Mouse Brain. ( 1,562 times )
Gi Jin Kim, Yong Jin Choi, Suk Keun Lee, Je Geun Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(12):1163-1174.
Manganese Intoxication in the Rat A neuropathologic study and distribution of manganese in rat brain. ( 1,168 times )
Tae Jung Jang, Jung Ran Kim, Jong Im Lee, Dong Hoon Kim, Ki Kwon Kim, Ji Yong Kim, Hae Kwan Cheong, Hyun Sul Lim
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(9):662-674.
Abnormal Development and Apoptosis Observed in Brains of the Trisomy 16 Mouse. ( 1,139 times )
Eun youn Cho, Yeon Lim Suh, Je Geun Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(8):570-580.
Heterotopic Brain Tissue in the Soft Palate. ( 1,301 times )
Hyun Joo Choi, Youn Soo Lee, Young Shin Kim, Kyo Young Kim, Chang Suk Kang, Sang In Shim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(11):1039-1041.
The Diagnostic Significance of AgNORs and MIB-1 Labelling Index in Atypical Meningioma. ( 1,096 times )
Dae Hong Suh, Dong Sug Kim, Oh Lyong Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(11):1008-1014.
Mixed Gangliocytoma-Pituitary Adenoma: A case report. ( 1,111 times )
Dong Sug Kim, Dae Hong Suh, Mi Jin Kim, O Lyong Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(2):138-141.
p53 Expression and Ki-67 Labeling Index in Brain Tumor with Special Reference to Tumor and Histologic Grade. ( 2,631 times )
Duck Hwan Kim, Yeon Lim Suh, Dong Ik Shin, Hyung Jin Shin, Jong Hyun Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(2):81-87.
Alzheimer's Disease: Report of two cases. ( 1,106 times )
Hee Sung Kim, Yeon Lim Suh, Kyung Sue Hong, Duk Lyul Na
Korean J Pathol. 1997;31(2):167-173.
Nasal Cerebral Heterotopia-so called Nasal Glioma: A case report. ( 1,142 times )
Tae Sook Kim, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1995;29(4):517-520.
Craniofacial Morphogenesis of Mouse with Trisomy 16. ( 1,209 times )
Jung Sun Kim, Jeong Wook Seo, Suk Wha Kim, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1994;28(6):596-604.
Papillary Craniopharyngiona: A report of two cases. ( 1,098 times )
Gu Kong, Eun Kyung Hong, Jung Dal Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1992;26(2):171-174.
Brain Stem Glioma (An autopsy case). ( 1,150 times )
Doo Hyun Chung, Soong Deok Lee, Hee Jin Yang, Dae Hee Han, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 1991;25(6):607-610.
Cystic Meningioma: A case report. ( 1,215 times )
Jae Hoon Park, So Yeon Yu, Youn Wha Kim, Yong Koo Park, Moon Ho Yang
Korean J Pathol. 1991;25(2):153-157.
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