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Case Study
A Rare Case of Adenosquamous Carcinoma Arising in the Background of IgG4-Related Lung Disease
Sangjoon Choi, Sujin Park, Man Pyo Chung, Tae Sung Kim, Jong Ho Cho, Joungho Han
J Pathol Transl Med. 2019;53(3):188-191.   Published online March 11, 2019
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AbstractAbstract PDF
IgG4-related disease is a systemic inflammatory disease and is known as IgG4-related lung disease (IgG4-RLD) when it involves the respiratory system. Primary lung cancer arising from a background of IgG4-RLD is very rare. Herein, we report a case of adenosquamous carcinoma arising from the background of IgG4-RLD and presenting as an interstitial lung disease pattern. A 66-year-old man underwent lobectomy under the impression of primary lung cancer. Grossly, the mass was ill-defined and gray-tan colored, and the background lung was fibrotic. Microscopically, tumor cells showed both squamous and glandular differentiation. Dense lymphoplasmacytic infiltration with fibrosis and obliterative phlebitis were seen in the background lung. IgG4 immunohistochemical stain showed diffuse positivity in infiltrating plasma cells. Primary lung adenosquamous carcinoma has not been reported in a background of IgG4-RLD. Due to the rarity of IgG4-RLD, physicians must follow patients with IgG4-RLD over long periods of time to accurately predict the risk of lung cancer.


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Original Article
Usual Interstitial Pneumonia with Lung Cancer: Clinicopathological Analysis of 43 Cases
Dae Hyun Song, In Ho Choi, Sang Yun Ha, Kang Min Han, Jae Jun Lee, Min Eui Hong, Kyeongman Jeon, Man Pyo Chung, Jhingook Kim, Joungho Han
Korean J Pathol. 2014;48(1):10-16.   Published online February 25, 2014
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AbstractAbstract PDF

Previous studies have suggested an association between usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) and lung cancer (Ca). However, clinical and histological information is not enough to determine such an association, due to the low incidence and short survival time of patients with both conditions.


We retrospectively reviewed the clinical and histological records of Ca patients with UIP between January 1999 and August 2013 at the Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. We found 43 patients who had Ca with UIP (UIP-Ca). Previously reported data of eighty-four patients with UIP-only were included as a comparison group.


Smoking is related to poor prognosis in patients with UIP-Ca, and the number of patients with a high smoking index of more than 30 pack-years significantly increased in UIP-Ca patients compared with UIP-only patients. There is no significant prognostic differentiation between UIP-Ca patients and UIP-only patients. Microscopically, UIP-Ca patients showed characteristically heterogeneous histological patterns and degrees of differentiation. There were many foci of squamous metaplasia or dysplasia at the peripheral area of squamous cell carcinomas.


We report 43 cases of UIP-Ca. Our results suggest that smoking is related to cancer occurrence in UIP patients and poor prognosis in UIP-Ca patients.


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