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Yong Kyu Kim 1 Article
A Case of Endocrine Mucin-Producing Sweat Gland Carcinoma Co-existing with Mucinous Carcinoma: A Case Report.
Sunhee Chang, Sang Hwa Shim, Mee Joo, Hanseong Kim, Yong Kyu Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2010;44(1):97-100.
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An endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma (EMPSGC) is a rare skin tumor that most commonly occurs on the eyelids of elderly women. This tumor is morphologically analogous to endocrine ductal carcinoma in situ and solid papillary carcinoma of the breast. We describe one case of a 51-year-old male with an EMPSGC co-existing with mucinous carcinoma of the eyelid. The tumor was composed of dilated ducts with a smooth border and was partially filled with a papillary proliferation. Tumor cells were uniform, small-to-medium in size, and oval-to-polygonal with light eosinophilic cytoplasm. Nuclei were bland with diffusely stippled chromatin and inconspicuous nucleoli. Tumor cells expressed chromogranin, synaptophysin, estrogen and progesterone receptors, cytokeratin 7, and epithelial membrane antigen.


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