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Recurrent malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the scalp: a case report and literature review ( 1,637 times )
Ahmed Rabie, Abdulkarim Hasan, Yasein Mohammed, Ayman Abdelmaksoud, Ali A. Rabaan
J Pathol Transl Med. 2022;56(2):103-108.   Published online January 21, 2022
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2021.10.29
Clinicopathologic features of cutaneous metastases from internal malignancies ( 1,778 times )
Hyeong Mok Kwon, Gyu Yeong Kim, Dong Hoon Shin, Young Kyung Bae
J Pathol Transl Med. 2021;55(4):289-297.   Published online July 7, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2021.05.24
A case of cribriform carcinoma of the skin: a newly described rare condition ( 2,049 times )
Hyun Lee, Chong-Hyun Won, Chan-Sik Park
J Pathol Transl Med. 2021;55(1):68-74.   Published online December 3, 2020
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2020.10.05
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Extrahepatic Common Hepatic Duct ( 5,097 times )
Myunghee Kang, Na Rae Kim, Dong Hae Chung, Hyun Yee Cho, Yeon Ho Park
J Pathol Transl Med. 2019;53(2):112-118.   Published online October 1, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2018.09.03
Recurrent Indeterminate Dendritic Cell Tumor of the Skin ( 4,681 times )
Jin Woo Joo, Taek Chung, Yoon Ah Cho, Sang Kyum Kim
J Pathol Transl Med. 2018;52(4):243-247.   Published online April 5, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2018.03.27
Primary Cutaneous Mucinous Carcinoma with Extramammary Paget셲 Disease: Eccrine or Apocrine? ( 5,124 times )
Sun-Ju Oh, Young-Ok Kim
J Pathol Transl Med. 2018;52(4):238-242.   Published online January 25, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2017.11.21
CD99 Is Strongly Expressed in Basal Cells of the Normal Adult Epidermis and Some Subpopulations of Appendages: Comparison with Developing Fetal Skin ( 7,030 times )
Gawon Choi, Jin Roh, Chan-Sik Park
J Pathol Transl Med. 2016;50(5):361-368.   Published online August 7, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/jptm.2016.06.19
Squamoid Eccrine Ductal Carcinoma of the Scalp ( 7,176 times )
Yong-Han Jung, Hye-Jung Jo, Mi-Seon Kang
Korean J Pathol. 2012;46(3):278-281.   Published online June 22, 2012
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2012.46.3.278
A Cutaneous Myoepithelial Carcinoma Arising in a Papillary Eccrine Adenoma. ( 2,317 times )
Ji Han Jung, Soyoung Im, Seok Jin Kang, Gyong Moon Kim, Ki Taik Han, Jin Young Yoo, Chang Suk Kang
Korean J Pathol. 2011;45(6):644-649.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2011.45.6.644
Sporadic Cutaneous Keratocyst without Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome: Report of 1 Case. ( 3,197 times )
Hye Won Lee, Ji Young Park, Sun Hee Kang, Misun Choe
Korean J Pathol. 2011;45(3):322-325.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2011.45.3.322
Adnexal Clear Cell Carcinoma with Comedonecrosis: A Case Report. ( 2,897 times )
Seo Hee Kim, Sun Hee Han, Jung Suk An, Ju Han Lee, Eung Seok Lee, Heum Rye Park, Young Sik Kim
Korean J Pathol. 2010;44(1):92-96.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2010.44.1.92
Alteration of G1/S Cell Cycle Regulatory Proteins in Carcinogenesis of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinomas. ( 3,077 times )
Soyoung Im, Changyoung Yoo, Ji Han Jung, Hyun Joo Choi, Jinyoung Yoo, Seok Jin Kang, Kyo Young Lee
Korean J Pathol. 2009;43(6):542-549.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4132/KoreanJPathol.2009.43.6.542
A Case Report of Cutaneous Coccidioidomycosis. ( 1,414 times )
Sunhee Chang, Sang Hwa Shim, Ji Eun Kwak, Mee Joo, Hanseong Kim, Hai Jin Park, Yee Gyung Kwak, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 2008;42(4):223-225.
Trichoblastic Carcinoma arising in Trichoblastoma: A Case Report. ( 2,972 times )
Kyung Jin Seo, Jinyoung Yoo, Seok Jin Kang, Ji Han Jung, Hye Kyung Lee, Kyo Young Lee
Korean J Pathol. 2007;41(4):274-277.
Restrictive Dermopathy In Two Siblings. ( 1,237 times )
Tae Jung Kim, Youn Soo Lee, Hyun Young Ahn, Ahwon Lee, Kyo Young Lee, Jong Sup Park
Korean J Pathol. 2007;41(1):47-50.
Fatal Strongyloidiasis with Residual Cutaneous Larvae: An Autopsy Case Report. ( 1,515 times )
Na Rae Kim, Dae Su Kim, Joungho Han, Dong Cheol Choe
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(4):266-270.
Role of Angiogenesis and Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis . ( 1,314 times )
Aeree Kim, Byoung Kook Kim, Hosu Chun, Ju Han Lee, Jong Sang Choi
Korean J Pathol. 2002;36(2):106-111.
Primary Carcinosarcoma of the Skin. ( 1,440 times )
Mee Sook Roh, Gi Yeong Huh, Sook Hee Hong
Korean J Pathol. 2001;35(5):444-446.
Expression of Cytokeratin 1, 10 and 14 in Fetal Skin. ( 1,540 times )
Kye Yong Song, Sun Lee, Dong Hye Suh, Mi Kyung Kim, Hye Jung Min, Je G Chi
Korean J Pathol. 2001;35(3):226-231.
Trichofolliculoma in Korean Patients: A report of six cases. ( 1,144 times )
Kyoung Mee Kim, Jai Kyung Ko, Anhi Lee, Chang Suck Kang, Byung Kee Kim, Seok Jin Kang
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(11):957-960.
Histopathologic Analysis of Malignant Lymphoma Involving the Skin and Its Relationship with the Epstein-Barr Virus. ( 1,242 times )
Yun Hee Jin, Seong Ho Kim, Chan Kum Park
Korean J Pathol. 2000;34(1):20-28.
Subcutaneous Neuromuscular Hamartoma: A case report. ( 1,508 times )
Dong Hoon Kim, Eun Kyung Hong, Jung Dal Lee
Korean J Pathol. 1999;33(1):62-64.
Serratia marcescens Skin Abscess. ( 2,006 times )
Chan Kwon Jung, Young Shin Kim, Kyo Young Lee, Kyungja Han, Chang Suk Kang, Sang In Shim, Jun Young Lee, Baik Kee Cho
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(11):1032-1034.
Epithelioid Leiomyosarcoma of Skin: A case report. ( 1,558 times )
Han Seong Kim, Nam Bok Cho, Hyun Soon Lee, Kye Yong Song
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(9):700-703.
Cutaneous Lymphadenoma: A case report and Review of Literature. ( 1,145 times )
Im Joong Yoon, Mee Kyung Kim, Kye Yong Song
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(4):309-311.
Pigmented Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising from Pigmented Actinic Keratosis. ( 1,499 times )
Hyun Joo Choi, Gyeong Sin Park, Seok Jin Kang, Yeong Jin Choi, Byung Kee Kim, Sun Moo Kim, Sang In Shim
Korean J Pathol. 1998;32(1):76-79.
Prenatal Development of Eccrine Sweat Gland: Morphologic and Morphometric Analysis. ( 2,626 times )
Nam Bok Cho, Tae Jin Lee, Je G Chi, Kye Yong Song
Korean J Pathol. 1997;31(2):121-134.
Leiomyoma of the Skin: clinicopathological study of 19 cases. ( 1,293 times )
Seok Jin Kang, Sun Moo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1996;30(6):515-522.
Cutaneous Infection of Larval strongyloides stercoralis Manifesting Pseudolymphomatous Reactions. ( 1,174 times )
Jin Hee Sohn, Hye Rim Park, Kye Yong Song, Seung Yull Cho
Korean J Pathol. 1996;30(5):466-469.
Sebaceous Trichofolliculoma: A case report. ( 1,671 times )
Jeana Kim, Seong Beom Lee, Seok Jin Kang, Soo Il Chung, Sun Moo Kim
Korean J Pathol. 1995;29(6):794-796.
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