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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1992;26(5): 459-465.
Immunohistochemical Study of Cytokeratin in Human Trophoblastic Tissue.
Jeong Hee Kang, Kang Suek Suh
Department of Pathology, Pusan National University College of Medicine, Pusan, Korea.
The use of human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG), human placental lactogen(hPL) as markers for trophoblastic tissue has been well documented in the literature. However, it is not widely recognized that cytokeratin is a very sensitive and reliable marker for various types of trophoblastic tissue. The authors have studied 15 cases of human placental tissue ranging in age from first to third trimesters. Unlike hCG and hPL, which stain only the syncytiotrophoblast and intermediate trophoblast, cytokeratin(low molecular weight) stains all three types trophoblastic tissue. The staining of placental tissue for cytokeratin is marked and very consistent throughout pregnancy. Because of its high sensitivity and ability to stain cytotrophoblast, it is believed that it could be very useful in detecting trophoblasts of early pregnancy and in the study of the pathologic process of trophoblastic diseases.
Key Words: Trophoblastic tissue; Immunohistochemical study; Cytokeratin