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The Korean Journal of Cytopathology 1995;6(1): 62-66.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Peripheral Neuroepithelioma of Soft Tissue: Report of A Case.
Yang Soon Park, Soon Ae Oak, Gyung Yub Gong, Ghee Young Choe, Joor Yung Huh, Eun Sil Yu, In Chul Lee
Department of Pathology, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine, University of Ulsan, Korea.
Peripheral neuroepithelioma (PNE) of soft tissue is a malignant neuroectodermal tumor arising from peripheral(nonautonomic) nerve. It may occur in both children and adults, and are highly aggressive neoplasms that rapidly give rise to metastatic disease and death. We exprienced a case of peripheral neuroepithelioma of soft tissue in the upper arm in a 18-year-old female. Cytologic features revealed small round cells with scanty cytoplasm occurring both singly and in clusters. The clusters frequently tended to form Homer-Wright rosettes. The cells had a round to oval nucleus with fine chromatin and inconspicuous nucleoli in a hemorrhagic background.
Key Words: Peripheral neuroepithelioma; Fine needle aspiration cytology; Soft tissue