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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1997;31(4): 379-382.
Crohn's Disease Involving Small Intestine and Colon: 2 cases report.
Shi Nae Lee, Sun Hee Chang, Hee Soo Yoon, Hea Soo Koo, Ok Kyung Kim, Ryung Ah Lee, Eung Beum Park
1Department of Pathology, Ewha Womans University College of Medicine, Seoul 158-051, Korea.
2Department of Surgery, Ewha Womans University College of Medicine, Seoul 158-051, Korea.
Crohn's disease was originally described as a small bowel disorder and has been known to involve the large bowel in approximately 40% of all cases with or without concomitant ileal component. We describe two cases of Crohn's diseas of small intestine and colon with a summary of differential diagnosis with ulcerative colitis. Both cases were originally diagnosed and treated as ileal tuberculosis. Grossly, there were skip lesions in both cases with prominent pseudopolyps and ulcerations in colon. Also noted were typical serpentine lesions in ileum as well as in colon. Microscopically, transmural inflammation was confirmed and one case showed scattered noncaseating granulomas in the wall. Submucosal edema and fibrosis with thickening of the wall was not prominent in colon. Polymerase chain reaction performed on paraffin block for the demonstration of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in one case showed negative reaction.
Key Words: Crohn's disease; Colon granuloma; Pseudopolyp; Ulcerative colitis