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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1970;4(1): 23-28.
임상화학검사의 정확도 및 정밀도관리에 관한 연구
서울대학교 의과대학 임상병리과
A Study of the Accuracy and Precision of Clinical Chemistry Determinations
B.S. Tchai
Department of Clinical Pathology, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea
We had studied about the accuracy and precision of clinical chemistry determinations in the of Clinical Chemistry, Department of Clinical Pathology. Seoul National University Hospital for 2 years. The purpose of this evaluation study was to determine if this laboratory was performing satisfactorily and to define the accuracy of control serums. Commercially prepared samples, hoarse serum and pooled serum were used as control serums for estimation of total cholesterol, total protein, phosphorus, SGOT thymol turbidity test, alkaline phosphatase, sodium, potassium and chloride results are as follows. 1) It was found that a considerable number of values fell outside of the allowable limits especially in the estimations of cholesterol and thymol turbidity test(Table 2, 3, 4). 2) Acceptable reasons of a lack of both accuracy and precision included the technical errors, and in accuracy of methods. There was obviously a need for an improvement in the methods of detecting errors and of evaluating precision in the laboratory. 3) There were same difference in the range of accuracy depend on the control samples. Generally, eyophilized samples showed rather constant values.