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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1971;5(1): 1-11.
한국인 입원 사망자의 부검례(1,575)에 대한 사인별 통계학적 고찰 (제1보)
국립의료원 병리과
Statistical Analysis for 1,575 Autopsy Cases of Koreans Admitted
C,H. Chi, H. Lee
Department of Pathology The National Medical Center
Total 1.575 Autopsy cases admitted to the National Medical Center at the period of 1958∼1967 were statistically analysed according to the underlying cause of death and International Classification of diseases. The cases were observed by year, sex, age and comparison between clinical diagnosis and histopathological autopsy diagnosis were made. As the result of present study following conclusion were obtained. 1) The autopsy rate against total hospital death was annually average 55%and ranges from 17, 4%to 99.1%. 2) By sex, 820 cases of male and 360 cases of female(2.3 : 1), infant male 178 cases and female 124 cases(1.4 : 1), and Still birth male 53 cases, female 38 cases(1.4 : 1). 3) Classification according to the underlying cause of death malignant tumor (18.2%) was the highest and among those malignant cases gastrointestinal tract tumor(7.6%) was upper most underlying cause of death. In order of frequency infections and parasitic diseases(14.6%) with highest incidence of tuberculosis(8.7%), Gastro-intestinal tract disease(10.5%), Diseases of circulatory system(8.8%), Still birth(7.4%). Respiratory system(5.6%), and Central nervous system(5.2%) were observed. 4) Misdiagnosis was clarified after autopsy on 20.9% of autopsy cases including 12.6% of unclearly defined clinical diagnosis.