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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1974;8(1): 43-47.
간 성망세포내 교질침착증
Intrahepatic Colloid Deposit in Kupffer Cell
A histologic and histochemical study on ten cases of the liver needle biopsy specimens disclosing smudgy, pale basophilic, globular, aggregations mainly localized within the hepatic Kupffer cells, was made to clarify the nature of substance and tissue reaction. 1. The material lay mainly with in Kupffer cells freely in the hepatic sinusoids or in the portal spaces. 2. Hematoxylin-eosin stained sections revealed aggregations of pale to deep blue globular substance measuring 10-100 μ in diameter, and accompanied a mild lymphocytic and histiocytic reaction except in one which was characterized by foreign body type granulomas. 3. Histochemical reaction of the material to PAS, mucicarmine and alcian blue stains gave all negative reactions. 4. Two cases presented histories of receiving either periston and/or dextran as plasma expander. 5, These all of cases revealed no hepatic dysfunction in regard to the deposit. 6. Nature and pathogenesis of the colloidal material were not identified but it is suggested that deposit of certain exogenous nonmucinous substances as with polyvinyl pyrrolidone would participate on to the intrahepatic colloidal deposit.
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