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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1976;10(2): 223-229.
호산구에 관한 검색 -제3보 : 골수의 호산구 증가-
Studies on Eosinophils : Bone Marrow Eosinophilia
39 bone marrow eosinophilia cases which showed more than 10% of eosinophils in marrow differential counts were analyzed according to etiology. Mean valuers of eosinophils in differential count of these cases were 17.5±9.5% in bone marrow and 23.7±16.4% in peripheral blood. Mean of absolute eosinophil counts of peripheral blood was 5,788/cmm. Other hematologic values were not so significant except moderate anemia (mean Hb value, 10.7gm/dl) and leucocytosis (18,700/cmm). Clinical diagnosis and bone marrow findings were parasitic infestations in 12 cases (31%), lymphoma in 4 cases(10%), other blood dyscrasias in 6 crises(15%), eosinophilia associated with liver diseases in 4 cases(10%), dermatologic diseases in 2 cases(5%), allergic conditions in 2 cases(5%), malignant diseases in 3 cases(8%), undetermined etiology in 2 eases(5%), varicose vein in 1 case, Raynaud disease in 1 case, dwarfism in 1 case and cryptococcosis in 1 case. Degrees of eosinophilia in marrow differential count were 10∼19% in 26 cases, 20∼ 29% in 8 cases, 30∼39% in 3 cases, and more than 40% in 2 cases, while absolute eosinophil counts in peripheral blood were less than 500/cmm in 3 cases, 500∼2000/cmm in 11 cases, 2000∼5000/cmm in 7 cases, 5000∼10000/cmm in 6 cases and more than 10000/cmm in 6 cases. In cases of parasitic infestations, there were clonorchiasis in 3 cases, ascariasis in 3 cases, hook worm disease in 3 cases, trichocephaliasis in 2 cases and combined infestation of hook worm, trichuris trichura, clonorchis sinensis and paragonimus westermani in 1 case. In cases of blood dyscrasias, there were malignant lymphoma in 4 cases. In comparison with our previous report, cases of portal hypertension are decreased, while parasitic infestations and 1ymphoma cases are markedly increased.
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