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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1977;11(1): 1-6.
자궁 내막증의 병리학적 검색
A Clinico-Pathologic Study in Adenomyosis and Endometriosis
The author performed clinico-pathologic study of adenomyosis and endometriosis from 446 cases of hysterectomized uterus which were operated during January 1971- December 1975. The results are summarized as following. 1. Adenomyosis was noted in 74 cases (16.6%) among 446 cases of hysterectomized uterus. 2. The most frequent age group of the adenomyosis was 41-45 showing 24 cases (32.4%) and that of endometriosis was noted on age group 31-35 revealing 6 cases (30%) among total 20 cases. 3. The most frequent chief complaints among 74 cases of adenomyosis and 20 cases of endometriosis were irregular uterine bleeding (31 cases) and lower abdominal pain(29 cases) 4. Most cases of adenomyosis and endometriosis were operated under the preoperative diagnosis as uterine myoma (43 cases, 45.7%) and only 2 cases were diagnosed, preoperatively, as adenomyosis. 5. Most of cases were noted among multipara and the ratio of multipara to nullipara was 8 : 1. 6. Histologic picture of the endometrium of hysterectomized uterus was mostly in proliferative phase (24 cases, 32.4%) and cystic hyperplasia was infrequently (7 cases, 9.5%) noted. Histologic picture of the adenomyosis revealed cystic hyperplasia in 52.7% (39 cases), proliferative phase in 28.4% (21 cases) and secrectory phase in 12.2% (9 cases). That of endometriosis disclosed secretory phase in 45% (9 cases), endometrial hyperplasia in 25% (5 cases) and proliferative phase in 15% (3 cases). 7. Among 74 cases of adenomyosis, oophorectomy was performed in 63 cases and histologic picture of the ovaries revealed follicular cyst in 27 cases (42.9%) and hyperplasia of cortical stroma in 23 cases (36.5%). 8. About half cases of edometriosis were located in ovaries (11 cases) and other sites such as pelvic peritoneum, uterine cervix, oviduct, regional lymphnode, abdominal wall, operative scar, appendix, mesentery were infrequently noted.
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