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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1977;11(4): 321-334.
한국인 위암에 관한 연구(Ⅰ. 통계적 고찰)
Histopathologic Study on the Carcinoma of the Stomach among Koreans (I. Statistical Investigations)
In recent years, the rapid progresses in roentgenographic and endoscopic diagnosis of gastric carcinoma, and its application in clinical practices have apparently been responsible, and their combination with biopsy has made good results in the detection of early lesions of gastric carcinoma, by which the increasing rate in the discovery of early as well as advanced carcinomas of the stomach has fortunately given the opportunity to study the histopathological analysis of gastric carcinoma. Study on the carcinoma of the stomach, especially on its etiology, is the most utmost importance not only for us but also the majority of the world’s population. Among several aspects in the approach to this subject, the most comprehensive and urgent problem may be the epidemiological and its analytical comparisons of the various incidence rates of this cancer with nation-wide registration of the patients. Under such considerations, an statistical analysis of gastric cancer, studied at Department of Pathology, National Medical Center, from Jan. 1976 to Aug. 1977, was made at first, and some results were obtained.