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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1978;12(1): 55-59.
복강내 fibromatosis
Fibromatosis Involving Abdominal Cavity -Report of a Case-
Fibromatosis is a low grade malignant proliferation of fibrous tissues which is thought to be arising primarily from fascial sheaths and musculoaponeurotic structures in various parts of the body. However, fibromatosis involving abdominal viscera is only rarely encountered, and in our knowledge only about 47 cases have been reported in literature of the western world, and so far no case report has been published in korea. In January 1975, we experienced a case of fibromatosis involving abdominal viscera occurring in a 18 years old you female. The chief complaints are constipation, abdominal discomfortness and large palpable mass on the left lower quadrant for several months. On a exploratory laparatomy, abdominal cavity showed a large tumor mass which was adhered to the outer surface of sigmoid colon, and another tumor mass which was densely adhered to the splenic capsule and tail of pancreas. Lumpectomy, sigmoid colectomy, splenectomy and removal of tail of pancreas was done under the clinical impression of leiomyoma or teratoma. Grossly, a tumor mass which was firmly attached to the sigmoid colon measured 11.3×9.5×7.5cm. and weighed 1180 grams altogether. The mass had white gray smooth external surface and fish-flesh like solid and moderately firm cut surface. Another tumor mass which was tightly adhered to splenic capsule and tail of pancreas was 7×4×3cm. On cut section, the mass was tightly adhered to the portion of splenic capsule and infiltrated into pancreatic tissue. Microscopically, a mass attached to the outer surface of colon and another tumor mass attached to the splenic capsule and tail of pancreas showed proliferation of relatively mature fibrous tissue with a moderately rich amount of collagen fibers. Occasional mitoses were noted. These proliferating fibrous tissue were found to be deeply infiltrating to the pancreas tissue, and firmly adherent to the serosa of colon and splenic capsule. A brief review of the literature on fibromatosis was done.
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