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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1978;12(1): 61-65.
난소의 악성 갑상선종
Malignant Strums Ovarii -Report of a Case-
Struma ovarii is a neoplastic disease of the ovary occasionally encountered associated with dermoid cyst, or mucinous cystadenoma or rarely as an exclusive neoplastic tissue. However, malignant struma ovarii is only rarely encountered, and in our knowledge only 37 cases have been reported in the literature of the western world, and no case report has been published in Korea. In April 1975, we experienced a case of malignant strums ovarii occurring 54 years o1d menopausal woman. On Physical examination, a huge lower abdominal palpable mass was noted. A total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was done under the diagnosis of the right ovarian tumor. The pathological examination of the present case showed menopausal uterus with inactive endometrium and chronic cervicitis. The right ovary was enlarged, weighing 1,400 grams, and had tan gray rather smooth external surface. Microscopically, the right ovary showed a struma ovarii, 17×14×8cm, with indistinct demarcation of the mass with clear follicular pattern and with undisputably malignant cellula details showing distinct vascular invasions. Though search for, other neoplastic component was not found. The left ovary showed a dermoid cyst, 7×5×5cm, of benign morphology. Findings of both fallopian tubes were not remarkable. A brief review of the literature on the malignant strums ovarii was done.