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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1978;12(4): 391-397.
백혈병 73예에 대한 임상고찰 및 검사소견에 관한 검색
A Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of 73 Cases of Leukemia
Seventy three cases of leukemia admitted to the Korea University Hospital during the last 8 years, from January 1971 to July 1978, were analyzed on the basis of age and sex distribution, type, initial symptoms, initial physical findings and laboratory findings. The results are as followings. 1. The most frequent age group of leukemia was under 10 year group and difference of sex ratio was not found. 2. The ratio of acute to chronic in overall cases was 12 : 1 and the most common type among overall cases was acute myelocytic type. 3. The distribution of each type of crises by age group revealed that the lymphocytic type being most common in under 10 year group. Acute and chronic myelocytic type show even distribution in each age group from under 10 year group to 6th decade group. 4. Chief complaints were bleeding tendency, pain, fever, fatigue and pale face in order of frequency. 5. The most frequent finding in initial physical examination was bleeding tendency(58.6%) in acute myelocytic type and hepatomegaly(81.5%) in acute lymphocytic type. 6. In initial laboratory examination, hemoglobin level under l0gm % was noted in 89.7% of acute myelocytic leukemia, 96.3% of acute lymphocytic leukemia and 80% of chronic myelocytic leukemia cases. Leukocytosis over 10,000/mm3 was seen in 55.2% in acute myelocytic leukemia, 63% in acute lymphocytic leukemia and 100% in chronic myelocytic leukemia. And thrombocytopenia under 100,000/mm3 was observed in 73.9% of acute myelocytic leukemia and 65.2% of acute lymphocytic leukemia.