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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1978;12(4): 407-412.
한국인 SMA 12/60 분석치 판독을 위한 컴퓨터의 이용에 관한 연구
A Computer Diagnostic System Based on Automated Multiphasic Screening by SMA 12/60 on Korean
Since the report of Bayes’ theorem in 1763, many studies have been made to set various discase patterns using a mathematical probability. However, most of those were too convenient for practical use. Fortunately the recent development of computer system solved some of these problems. Reece and Hobbie(1971) developed the System of Organizing Relevant Tests(SORT). SORT is a kind of approach to find out the most probable disease pattern, delived from 12 different biochemical data of SMA 12/60 interpreted in regard to the sex and age. This study is conducted to apply the SORT on Korean. First, the Korean normal values in regard to the sex & age were calculated by Hoffmann’s method. Then a random selection of 100 patients with various discharge diagnosis were selected. On these patients, the SORT was applied. 1. The normal values was obtained by the Hoffmann’s method. 2. The normal values of 12 biochemical tests reveal the following characteristics, in general compared with those of the white population. ⅰ) Calcium, phosphorus, BUN, uric acid and cholesterol are relatively low. ⅱ) Alkaline phosphatase and LDH tend to be high. ⅲ) Total protein, albumein and bilirubin are almost the same. ⅳ) SGOT is almost same in upper limit and low in lower limit. 3. When only 5 possible disease entities were taken in consideration, the SORT was in consistent with the discharge diagnosis in a rate of 24%, If 10 were taken, the consistency rate becomes 47%. 4. It was discussed that the consistency rate will be raised if the inherited disadvantages of Hoffmann’s method were supplemented and if the sample sizes were expanded. 5. The SORT expences per patient were about 20 Won, after the computer Programming was completed. It was considered Quite inexpensive for a practical use. 6. The routine application of SORT was considered to be beneficial for both the patient and doctor to make an early diagnosis otherwise might be overlooked.
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