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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1997;31(7): 683-687.
Ovarian Sertoliform Endometrioid Carcinoma.
Han Seong Kim, Won Ae Lee, In Ae Park, Eui Keun Ham
Department of Pathology, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul 110-744, Korea.
Sertolifonn endometrioid carcinoma (SEC) is a very rare malignant neoplasm arising from the surface epithelium of the ovary. We report one case of SEC occuring in the left ovary of a 73-year-old woman. The left ovary was totally replaced by a yellowish tan lobulated solid mass with focal cystic areas. Small tubules and elongated solid cord-like structures resembling a Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor or a Sertoli cell tumor were found microscopically. In some areas, confluent typical endometrioid carcinoma, adenofibromatous stroma, squamoid foci, and lutenizing stromal cell nests were noted. The tumor also demonstrated strong immunoreactivity with EMA (epithelial membrane antigen). Certain points of differentiation between SEC and SertoliLeydig or Sertoli cell tumors are discussed.
Key Words: Ovary; Sertoliforrn endometrioid carcinoma; Immunohistochemistry