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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1979;13(3): 215-221.
나환자에 대한 VDRL 및 TPHA 검사성적
Results of VDRL and TPHA Tests in Lepers
VDRL (Venereal disease research laboratory) and TPHA(Treponema pallidum hemagglutination) tests were carried out to evaluate the BFP (biological false positives) for non-treponemalantigen tests in leprosy patients admitted in Sorok National Leprosarium. The results were obtained as follows: 1. VDRL qualitative tests: Of 167 leprosy patients, 26 patients (15.6%) gave the positive VDRL reactions, which were graded as weakly reactive in 19 patients(11.4% ), and reactive in 7 patients (4.2%). 2. VDRL quantitative tests: Of the 26 leper's sera which gave the positive VDRL quantitative tests, the titer was 1 : 1 in 18 sera (69.2 4 in 2 sera (7.7%), and 1 : 8 in 2 sere (7.7%). 3. TPHA tests : Of the VDRL-reactive 26 lepers, 12 patients (46.2%) showed positive reactions and the other 14 lepers (53.8%) gave the negative reactions in TPHA tests. TPHA-negative reactions were observed in the patients giving the positive VDRL quantitative reactions in 1 : 1, and 1 : 2. But all of those giving reactivity in 1 : 4 or above gave the positive TPHA tests. TPHA tests revealed that the 53. 8% of VDRL-reactive lepers in qualitative rests gave the positive reactions possibly due to BFP and these BFP might be excluded by concomittant VDRL quantitative tests.
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