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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1979;13(4): 425-435.
골종양의 병리조직학적 검색
A Histopathological Study of Bone Tumors
Neoplasms of bone occur sporadically and the management of certain malignant tumors of bone remails as one of the most perplexing problems of clinical medicine despite all therapeutic measures including ablative surgery, with or without radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Much problems for precise diagnosis of tone tumors were written in recent years. In spite of significant advances in the roentgenologic diagnosis of the tone tumors X-ray findings alone are sometimes misleading. The precise pathological diagnosis is the crucial determining factor in planning appropriate treatment. Histopathological studios were made on 80 cases of bone tumors, which were submitted to the Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University during the period of 7 years and 9 months, from Oct., 1971 to July, Dec 1979 an4 results were as follows. 1. The sex distribution of tone tumors showed no significant difference, that of the male, 45 cases (56.3%) and of the female, 35 cases (43.7%) 2. The age distribution of tone tumors revealed 40∼49 years (22.2%) in peak age. 3. Among the histological distribution of bone tumors, 22 cases (17.5%) were primary benign bone tumors, 19 cases (23.7%) were primary malignant bone tumors and 39 cases (48.8%) were metastatic bone tumors. 4. Osteochondroma was the most frequently encountered primary bone benign bone tumor (9 cases, 41.0%), followed by giant cell tumor (4 cases 18.2%), chondromyxoid fibroma and hemangioma (3 cases, 13.6%, each). Osteogenic sarcoma was the most frequently encountered primary malignant tone tumor (13 cases, 68.4%), followed by chondrosarcoma (3 cages, 16.0%), malignant lymphoma, Ewing's tumor and undifferentiated round cell sarcoma (1 case, 5.2%, each). 5. The peak age incidence of primary bone tumors was 10∼19 years (14 cases, 34.1%) and of metastatic bone tumors was 40∼49 years (16 cases,41.0%). 6. Among the primary tone tumors, osteochondroma was the mosts frequently occurred and slightly male predominence (2:1) and peak age incidence was 10∼19 and 20∼29 years (3 cases, 33.3%, each). 7. Osteogenic sarcoma was the most frequent primary malignant tone tumor and showed male predominence (3:1), and the peak age incidence was 10∼19 years (7 cases, 53.8%). 8. Primary bone tumors arise4 most commonly in the Femur (14 cases, 33.3%), followed by Tibia (10 cases, 23.8%) The most common sites of the metastatic tone tumors were Vertebra (11 cases, 28.3%) and Femur(10 cases, 25.7%). 9. Clinical symptoms and signs were pain and tenderness, palpable mass and swelling, and weakness, etc. in order of frequency. In summary, these finding were similar to various reports in other countries, except for multiple myeloma.
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