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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1980;14(1): 1-11.
고환종양의 임상 및 병리조직학적 연구
Clinico-Pathologic Studies on Testicular Tumors among Koreans
Though the tumors of the testis comprises only a small percentages of all human malignancy, they unfortunately strike the young and productive men with greatest frequency. No other organs, except the ovary, manifest the wide structural range of neoplasia and the broad spectrum of clinical behavior as these encountered in the testis. There have been very little comprehensive studies on the testicular tumors among Koreans. The present study is, therefore, intended to establish a basic pathologic and clinical aspect of the testicular tumors among Koreans. The author collected sixty Veight cases from sixty six patients in four medical centers to get a wider statistical study. The majority were 50 cases from Yonsei University Hospital and 9 from Ewha Womans University Hospital during the twenty years from July, 1959 to June, 1979. Five cases from Korea General Hospital during the eleven years from July, 1968 to June, 1979, and 4 cases from Paik Hospital during the five years from July, 1974 to June, 1979 were added. The microscopic observations were made on the routine hematoxylin and eosin stained sections. Age, laterality, chief complaints and symptom duration were investigated when clinical informations were available. The results were as follow: 1. According to the histologic types, embryonal carcinoma was 17 cases (25.0%), seminoma, 15(22.1%), teratoma, 12(17.6%), yolk sac tumor and mixed germ cell tumor, 7(10.3%), respectively, and gonadoblastoma, 1(1.5%). Malignant lymphoma was 7cases (10.3%) and rhabdomyosarcoma, 2(2.9%). Among 15 cases of seminoma, classical type was 13 and anaplastic type, 2. Among 12 cases of teratoma, 9 were mature and 3 were immature. 2. Among symptoms, a painless palpable scrotal mass was most frequent which were 13 out of 34 cases. The duration of the symptom was less than 6 months in 12 cases (36.3%) and over 2 years in 7 cases (21.2%). 3. The tumors were developed almost equally in each testis. Four patients had bilateral tumors and among them, two had two different histologic types. Six cases were occurred in the undescended testes. 4. Twenty-four patients (35.3%) were in the first decade and the mean was 22 years, while it was 35.6 years in seminoma, 15.4 years in embryonal carcinoma, 12.7 years in teratoma, 2.4 years in yolk sac tumor and 42.7 years in malignant lymphoma. 5. Twenty four patients (73.0%) out of 33 cases whose clinical records about treatment were known, received orchidectomy only.
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