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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1980;14(2): 45-51.
철 결핍성 빈혈 환자에 있어서 혈청 ferritin치에 관한 연구
A Study on Serum Ferritin Level in Iron Deficiency Anemia
The recently developed method of measuring serum ferritin by using radioisotope has assumed a very important role in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia. The serum ferritin level of a patient with iron deficiency anemia (I.D.A.) is very low, compared to that of normal person. While, the patients with anemias other than I.D.A. and some kinds of diseases may reveal elevated serum ferritin level. Author measured serum ferritin level by using two-site immunoradiometric assay, serum iron, total iron binding capacity from which the transferrin saturation is determined by using modified Goodwin method on 24 patients confirmed to have I.D.A. and normal controls comprised of healthy 66 males and 60 females. The results are summarized as follows. 1) The average serum ferritin, iron level, and transferrin saturation of male controls were 63.8ng/ml, 103.2㎍/100ml, 32.8%, and those of female controls were 20.3ng/ml, 68.3㎍/100ml, 24.2%, respectively. 2) The average serum ferritin, iron level, and transferrin saturation of patients with I.D.A. were 9.1ng/ml, 97.3㎍/100m1, 16.2% and these values were lower than those of normal healthy controls. 3) The finding of bone marrow iron was closely correlated with serum ferritin level and transferrin saturation, but not so well with serum iron level. 4) Serum ferritin level and transferrin saturation of the patients with I.D.A. were significantly lower than those of normal controls (p<0.05), but the serum iron level did not show a significant difference from that of normal controls (p>0.05). From above results, it can be said that single measurements of serum iron or T.I.B.C. could hardly help the diagnosis of I.D.A. So the two factors should be measured at the same time for the determination of transferrin saturation. But, the transferrin saturation can hardly indicate the presence of I.D.A. in some cases. The measurement of serum ferritin is relatively simple and often useful for the diagnosis and follow-up of treatment of I.D.A. When some I.D.A. patients show normal serum ferritin levels, bone marrow examination should be indicated for the exact diagnosis.
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