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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1981;15(2): 151-159.
한국인 종양의 통계적 관찰 -호남지역을 중심으로-
A Statistical Study of Tumors Among Koreas (mainly in Honam area)
A statistical analysis of tumor was carried out on the basis of histopathological diagnosis of the Presbyterian Medical Center during 17 years from 1963 to 1979. 1) In this study, the total number of tumor patients was 11,953,2957 (24.7%) benign and 8,996 (75.3%) malignant. 2) The male to female ratio for all malignant tumors was 1.5 : 1. 3) Age distribution of malignant tumor was as following, 31.0% between 51 years to 60 years, 29.0% between 41 years to 50 years, 15.5% between 61 years to 70 years. 4) Frequent organs involved by malignant tumor was in the order of stomach(32.1%), uterine cervix(11.9%), liver(6.6%), lymph node(5.7%), luog(5.0%). In the male, the order was stomach, liver, lung, Iymph node and rectum. In the female, it was in the order of uterine cervix, stomach, breast, rectum and thyroid. 5) Histopathological classification of all malignant tumor was in the order of adenocarcinoma(49.6%), epidermoid carcinoma(30.9%), hepatocellular carcinoma(6.8%), infiltrating ductal carcinoma(2.9%), undifferentiated carcinoma (2.5%). 6) The most common benign tumor was polyp(21.8%). 7) Frequency of stomach carcinoma was much higher than other report.