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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1981;15(4): 462-465.
대뇌 실질에 발생한 수막종 1예
A Case of Intracerebral Menigioma
A cases of intracerebral meningioma, arising from the left frontal lobe of the brain was reported. A 14-year-old Korean female was admitted to the department of Neurosurgery, in BNUH, 1981, because of lateral deviation of the left pupil and visual disturbance of the left eye. She had suffered from headache and lateral deviation of the left pupil for one year. On physical examination at admission, there was narrowed visual field, fixed left pupil to upward medial gaze. The cerebrospinal examination reveals within normal limit. On carotid angiography, the anterior cerebral artery was found backward displacement of proximal portion. The brain CT scan showed well circumscribed enhancing tumorous mass of the left frontal lobe, that was surrounded by marked edema and compressed frontal horn with 3-4mm intracranial shifting to right. On left frontal craniotomy dural tension was found to be normal without any evidence of staining. With the dura opened, the gyri were seen to be flattened and the sulci somewhat effaced. Tumor tissue not noticeable at the brain surface. The frontal lobe showed increased consistency. Incision of the cortex produced a sharply demarcated tumor in a depth of 1cm, which was removed totally. Grossly the specimen consisted of several pieces of gray white irregular masses with elastic rubery consistency. The cut surfaces of them disclosed gray white homogenous tissue with no hemorrhage and necrosis. Histologically, the tumorous masses were composed of whorl formations of elongated and crescent-shaped meningioma cells with a central capillary. There was a few psammoma bodies in the whorls. In some place, there was also noted meningiotheliomatous meningioma cells.
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