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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1982;16(1): 111-116.
공장 장간막의 유미맥관종 -1증례 보고-
Chylangioma of the Mesentery -A Case Report-
Lymphangioma (chylangioma) of the mesentery is one of the extremely rare tumor and only a few cases were reported in the literature as chylous cyst, mesenteric cyst and cystic lymphangioma. Recently, authors experienced a huge cavernous lymphangioma of the mesentery of the jejunum and herein reported with literature review. The patient was a 27 year old Korean female who admitted to the Hospital on Aug. 4, 1981 because of colicky abdominal pain at postpartum 3rd day. She had been experienced several epidoses of intermittent colicky abdominal pain since Feb. '81. Routine laboratory findings were within normal limits except simple abdomen X-ray revealed step ladder pattern suggesting mechanical intestinal obstruction. At operation a huge partly cystic and grayish white soft mass along the mesenteric border was noted. So segmental resection of jejunum with its mesenteric mass was performed and end to end anastomosis was done. Hospital course was good and uneventful. Submitted specimen consisted of a 55㎝. long small bowel (jejunum) with attached mesenteric mass, measuring 25×10.5×6㎝. in maximum dimension and its broad attachment to the mesenteric border of jejunum was 43㎝. Cut surface was smooth and grayish white with doughy consistency. Cut surface exhibited both multicystic spaces with milkish chyle and yellowish honeyomb portions. Multiple polypoid elevations and hypertrophy of mucosa of jejunum were also noted. Microscopic findings were those of typical cavernous lymphangioma involving both jejunum and its mesentery.