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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1982;16(2): 207-216.
한국인 갑상선 종양의 임상 및 병리조직학적 관찰
A Clinical and Pathological Study on Neoplasms of the Thyroid Among Koreans
Thyroid cancer is not a common disease. But it has become a significant problem in medical practice. Because whenever an abnormality of the thyroid is observed, whether cancer exists or not must be examined. Several reports were conducted on thyroid diseases including cancer among Koreans. However, few studies were carried out on thyroid neoplasms including the relationship between their occurrence and blood group. This study was attempted to examine the clinical and histopathological aspects of the thyroid neoplasms. For this, among 290 cases of surgically removed thyroid lesions at Hanyang University Hospital during the period of 10 years from 1972 to 1981, 118 cases of thyroid neoplasms were examined. Followings are the results of this study; 1) Among 118 thyroid neoplasms, the ratio of male and female was 1:18.7. These cases included 77 cases(65%) of adenoma, 41 cases(35%) carcinoma. 2) The mean age of the patient with adenoma was 37.1 years and that of carcinoma 41.5. 3) An indurated mass was the major source of complaints. 4) The average duration of chief complaint of thyroid adenoma was 3 years and that of carcinoma 3.4 years. 5) The average dimension of adenoma was 3.9㎝ and that of carcinoma 3.6㎝. 6) Among 30 cases performed radioactive iodide scanning, 24 cases revealed cold nodules in which17 cases were adenomas microscopically. 7) 41.5% of adenoma and 24.4% of carcinoma were confirmed among patients diagnosed clinically as thyroid tumors. 8) Histopathologically, follicular type was comprised about 98.7% of adenoma. Papillary carcinoma was 58.5% of all carcinomas. 9) The distribution of blood groups among patients with thyroid neoplasms were blood group A for 43.5%, group O for 23.9%, group B for 20.7% and group AB for 12.0%.