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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1982;16(4): 823-826.
대퇴골에 발생한 건종양 섬유종 -1증례 보고-
Desmoplastic Fibroma of Femur -A case report-
Desmoplastic fibroma of bone is rare benign tumor of fibrous tissue origin, resembling desmoid tumor in soft tissue histologically. Jaffe (1958) first named and reported the desmoplastic fibroma in bone. Authors experienced a case of desmoplastic fibroma in proximal shaft of femur. A desmoplastic fibroma occurred in rib was first reported by Ahn et al, therefore, this case was to be the second case in Korea. A 42 years o1d woman was admitted to the Department of Orthopedic Surgery in Han Gang Sung Sim Hospital complaining the painful swelling of right thigh after slipping down at mountain. She noted a painful swelling of right thigh without limitation of motion one year ago. C.B.C and blood chemistry were all within normal limits except slightly increased alkaline phosphatase(6.0 B.U.). Urinalysis was within normal limits. Roentgenography of right femur revealed fracture in the proximal shaft with osteolytic and trabecular appearance of soft tissue tumor around the fracture site. Popliteal angiogram revealed slight increase of vascularity in tumor masts. Bone scanning with Tc99m revealed increased uptake in tumor mass. Operative finding revealed bone fracture and large grayish white firm tumor mass in proximal shaft of femur beneath the Vastus lateralis. The submitted specimen consisted of a hip disarticulated lower extremity showing large eccentrically located grayish white firm tumor mass in proximal shaft of femur, measuring 10×9.5×4㎝. in maximum dimension. Cut surface exhibited homogenously grayish white and fibrous appearance. Neither hemorrhage nor necrosis was noted. Microscopically the tumor was moderately cellular, composed of interfasciculating spindle shaped fibrous tissue with rather uniform nuclei, separates by collagenous stroma of varying amount and slit like vascular channels. Mitotic figure was not noted. Neither osteoid nor chondroid matrix was seen even in multiple section.
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