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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1983;17(1): 21-25.
시료증발이 수종 화학검사치에 미치는 영향
Influence of Specimen Evaporation to Chemical Analytical Values
Serum sample, selected and control sera stored in various environment indicated, ie., refrigerating or room temperature, were analyzed to evaluate the effects of evaporation due to storing condition on sample weight and analytical values. The storage period choiced are 4 hours and the results analyzed are ase as follow: 1) The serum sample stored in room air revealed 13.39% decrease in weight and 7.1% decrease in refrigerator. 2) The analytical value of the serum sample and control sera stored in room air revealed obvious increase ie., 24.4~24.2% in SGOT., 16.6~29.4% in SGPT., 25.8~8.2% in Alk. phosphatase, 9.7~11.7% in total protein, 13.1~19.4% in albumin and 15.6~3.2% in cholesterol. The more striking alterations are noted in enzyme items of serum than in nen-enzyme than in non-enzyme items. 3) The serum and control sera sample stored in refrigerator revealed increased value of 9.8~10.3% in SGOT., 6.3~5.3% in SGPT., 1.1~2.5% in Alk. prosphatase, 2.7~1.5% in total protein, 5.2~4.5% in albumin and 3.0~5.0% in cholesterol. 4) It is, therefore, recommended that should be stored the serum samples in the refrigerator until tested which obviously alleviate the evaporative loss of weight and analytical variations.
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