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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1984;18(1): 47-56.
임상 검사실 성적으로부터 여러가지 통계적 방법에 의하여 정한 몇가지 중요한 말초혈액의 정상치
Estimation of Several Normal Values of Peripheral Blood from Clinical Laboratory Data by Various Statistical Methods
It is desirable for each clinical laboratory to have its own normal values. The easy way to obtain them was to utilize the routine laboratory test results. Among the various statistical methods proposed for above purpose, the authors chose three statistical methods, such as Hoffmann, Neumann and Chung's methods. And by applying these methods, the authors estimated normal ranges from the laboratory data of Korean adult on hematological items measured by the Coulter Counter Model S-plus II furnished by the clinical laboratory of the Busan National University Hospital from Jan. 1983, to August, 1983. The 95% normal ranges established by the authors were summerized as follows: 1) Total mean RBC count of male was 350×10⁴/㎣, and that of female was 330×10⁴/㎣. 2) The hemoglobin of male was 13~16gm/㎗, and that of female was 11~14gm/㎗. 3) The hematocrit of male was 31~49%, and that of female was 29~43%. 4) The MCV of male was 84~98μ㎥, and that 81~97μ㎥. The MCH of male and female was 27~33pg, and the MCHC of both male and female were 32~35gm/㎗. 5) The total WBC count of male was 4,000~10,000/㎣, and that of female was 4,000~9,000/μ㎥. 6) The total platelet count of male was 17×104/㎣, and that of female was 4,000~9,000/μ㎥. 7) The red cell distribution width of male and female was 11.5~14%.