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The Korean Journal of Cytopathology 1998;9(1): 123-128.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Myositis Ossificans: A Case Report.
Dong Won Kim, Dong Wha Lee
Department of Anatomic Pathology, Soonchunhyang University Hospital.
The aspiration cytologic finding of myositis ossificans is not well documented but similar to that seen in nodular fasciitis except less cellularity. Myositis ossificans is a reactive condition that is sometimes mistaken microscopically for extraosseous osteosarcoma. Cytologically, myositis ossificans may be distinguished from extraosseous osteosarcoma by the presence of uniform benign stromal cells composed of mature fibroblasts and osteoclastic giant cells. However, the differential diagnosis may be difficult in the early stage of this reactive and proliferative process. We recently experienced a case of myositis ossificans. The patient was a 67-year-old woman with painful swelling of the left index finger for one month. Simple x-ray finding showed a soft tissue mass with calcific center at middle phalanx of the left hand. Fine needle aspiration cytology revealed a few individual or clusters of spindle cells in dense eosinophilic stroma with osteoclastic giant cells. The spindle cells were uniform, smooth-bordered, and oval nuclei with single small inconspicuous nucleoli, and elongated cytoplasm. The scattered individual cells had eccentric nuclei with one or two nucleoli and abundant, basophilic cytoplasm.
Key Words: Myositis ossificans; Fine needle aspiration cytology