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The Korean Journal of Pathology 2007;41(4): 266-270.
An Unusual Stroma-Rich Variant of Castleman's Disease of the Hyaline-Vascular Type: A Case Report.
Ji Han Jung, Gyeongsin Park, Hyun Joo Choi, Jinyoung Yoo, Seok Jin Kang, Kyo Young Lee
Department of Hospital Pathology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea. jinyyoo@vincent.cuk.ac.kr
The stroma-rich variant of Castleman's disease of the hyaline-vascular type (CDHV) is a rare entity that shows overgrowth of a variety of stromal cells in the widened interfollicular (IF) area. We report here on a case of a stroma-rich variant of CDHV in an 18-year-old man who presented with an asymptomatic solitary neck mass he'd had for 1 year. Histologically, an enlarged lymph node fulfilled the criteria of CDHV, along with vague nodularity of a widened IF area. The nodular lesion consisted of numerous vessels and a proliferation of spindle cells. Immunohistochemically, the spindle cells were positive for vimentin and smooth muscle actin, they were negative for desmin, CD21, CD34, CD68, ALK-1, and S-100 protein. This stromal lesion is typically hyperplastic and clinically benign, and it must be distinguished from neoplastic stromal proliferation associated with Castleman's disease because of its potential for recurrence and metastasis.
Key Words: Castleman's disease; Angiofollicular lymphoid hyperplasia; Stroma cells