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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1986;20(1): 71-76.
Normal Sizes and Weights of Internal Organs of the Korean Young Male Adults.
Chae Won Lee, Han Kyeom Kim
Department of Legal Medicine, The Army Scientific Criminal Investigation Loboratory, Seoul, Korea.
In autopsy, the evaluation of the size and weight of th internal organs is very important for the understanding of the pathologic conditions. The normal data of the internal organs must have regard to size, weight, sex, age and body weight. There are many reports on the normal value of human organs in Japan and other Western countries. But there are some variations in normal value according to race, geographics and living standard. In Korea, Lee & Roh had reported on weights of various organs of Korean and their proportional weights to body weights in 1957, based upon autopsy records from 1929 to 1941. But, there has been many improvement in socioeconomic status during past half-century in this country. And the Korean body conditions have much improved. Upon the base of above consideration, normal data fit for present Korean is mandatory. We have analysed records of 45 cases of Korean young adults's autopsy cases which were performed from Jan. 1984 to Dec. 1985, and obtained following data. The results obtained are as follows: Heart : left ventricle thickness; 1.76+/-0.3 cm right ventricle thickness; 0.5+/-0.1 cm Aorta circumference; 6.1+/-0.5 cm Pulmonary a. circumference; 7.0+/-0.7 cm Weight : 338+/-54 gm Lung : size: left; length 23.3+/-2.78 cm, width 12.3+/-2.28 cm, thickness 6.4+/-1.55 cm right; length 24.1+/-2.65 cm, width 14.7+/-2.95 cm, thickness 6.6+/-1.31 cm Weight : left; 541+/-117 gm, right; 634+/-118 gm Liver : size: greatest transverse measurement; 28.5+/-2.7 cm vertical measurement; 16.6+/-1.74 cm great anterior-posterior diameter; 8.8+/-1.51 cm weight: 1,559+/-267 gm Spleen : length: 12.7+/-2.1 cm, breadth: 8.4+/-1.5 cm, thickness: 3.4+/-1.1 cm, weight: 155+/- 69.3 gm Pancreas : length; 16.7+/-2.8 cm, weight: 111+/-34.5 gm Kidney : size: left; length; 11.2+/-0.7 cm, width; 5.9+/-0.7 cm, thickness; 3.8+/-0.8 cm, thickness; 3.6+/-0.7 cm weight: left; 150+/-25 gm, right; 138+/-29 gm Brain : weight: 1,498+/-132 gm
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