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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1994;28(4): 399-404.
A Comparative Study of DNA Quantitation by Image Cytometry and Flow Cytometry.
In Sun Kim, Eun Sook Nam
Department of Anatomical Pathology, Korea University Anam Hospital.
There are substantial evidences suggesting that DNA content of tumors may provide the prognostic information with independent significances. In this study, the results of DNA ploidy analyzed by image cytometry on touch imprint and by flow cytometry on fresh cell suspension of 78 solid tumors were compared. For 68 cases, there was an excellent correlation between two methods. For 6 cases, an aneuploid population was found by image, but not by flow cytometry one case had an aneuploid peak by flow cytometry. Two methods may use in a complementary fashion m identify as many aneuploid cell population as possible.
Key Words: DNA; quantitation; Flow cytometry; Image cytometry