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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1976;10(2): 255-259.
선미골부에 발생한 변위성(Extragonodal) Endodermal Sinus Tumor 1예 보고
A Case of Sacrococcygeal Endodermal Sinus Tumor
Endodermal sinus tumor is a rare neoplasm and microscopically characterized by a glomerulus-like structures. It was first described by Schiller in 1939 under the designation of mesonephroma because of microscopic structures resembling mesonephric glomeruli. Kazancigil et al.(1940), however, considered the glomerulus-like structures to be papillary and endothelial in nature and do not represent attempted formations of true glomeruli. Teilum(1952, 1965) observed similarity between papillary formations in the rat placenta and this tumor of human ovary. These papillary structures in the rat had been called endodermal sinuses by Duval (1891) because he considered them to represent diverticula of the yolk sac growing into extraembrynoic mesenchyme. Endodermal sinus tumor hag generally been reported to be in the ovary and testis and often in association with teratomatous areas. Very few cases of endodermal sinus tumor originating from extragonadal sites such as anterior mediastinum, pelvis, pineal gland have been described. In 1964, Rao et al. first reported the endodermal sinus tumor of sacrococcygeal area from a 3 years old girl under the title of sacrococcygeal mesonephroma. Our case is a 4 year old girl and complained pain and slow glowing mass of sacrococcygeal area for 2 months. Except for a palpable mass at sacrococcyx, all other physical examinations were negative including pelvic organs. Barium enema showed soft increased mass shadow in the buttock and somewhat increased presacral or retrorectal space. No evidence of bone destruction in the sacrum is noted. Excision of the mass was performed. Histologic examination revealed the typical picture of sinus tumor without the evidence of teratomatous component. Since there was no evidence of ovarian involvement, the lesion was regarded as a primary sacrococcygeal endodermal sinus tumor.
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