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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1977;11(2): 173-181.
선천성 백혈병
Congenital Leukemia -A case report with autopsy findings and literature review-
We have experienced a case of congenital leukemia in a six-month-old male child with chief complaints of petechial hemorrhages on whole body surface, mild fever and diarrhea for 3 months before admission to HYUH on 12th, April, 1976. Although the first symptoms are noted at third month after birth, the clinical, hematologic and pathologic findings are consistent with the findings of congenital leukemia. The important findings in autopsy are a diffuse hemorrhage throughout the right ventricular wall of the heart and a focal hemorrhage in the right frontal lobe of the cerebrum, which were thought to be the critical cause of death in this patient. The microscopic findings revealed severe leukemic infiltrations of the liver, heart, kidneys, thymus, lymphnodes, bone marrow, esophagus, stomach, intestine, pancreas and skin as well as vascular engorgements of the cerebrum, cerebellun. midbrain and lungs.