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The Korean Journal of Pathology 1980;14(4): 1-15.
자궁경부의 병리조직학적 연구
A Histopathological Study on the Uterine Cervix Cancer
A histopathological study has been performed on 319 cases of the uterine cervix cancers which were submitted to the Dept. of Pathology, KyungHee University Hospital, during the period of 7 years and 10 months from October, 1971 to August. 1979. The results were summerized as follows: 1) The uterine cervical tumors were 8.4% of all surgical specimens which were submitted from the Dept. of Gynecology during the same periods. And among cervical pathologic lessons, the uterine cervix cancers were 21.73%. 2) According toeir growth pattern, exophytic growth were 66.18%, endophytic growth, 29.41%, and mixed type were 4.41%. 3) Among 319 cases of the uterine cervix cancers, epidermoid carcinomas were 94.04%(300 cases), adenocarcinomas, 3.76%, and adenosquamous carcinomas were 1.57%. 4) Among 300 cases with epidermoid carcinoma, 44 cases(13.79%) were carcinoma in situ, 28 cases(8.78%), microinvasive carcinoma, and 228 cases(71.48%) were invasive carcima. 5) The histologic subtypes of the invasive epidermoid carcinoma were as follows: large cell keratinizing type(18.86%), large cell non-keratinizing type(74.56%), and small cell non-keratinizing type(6.14%). 6) The most prevalent age groups of the uterine cervix cancers were 40∼49 years (35.74%) and 50∼59 years(29.78%). 7) The most prevalent age group of the carcinoma in situ was 40∼49 years group with the average age of 44.05 years, and that of the invasive epidermoid carcinoma was 50∼59 years group with the average age of 49.54 years. 8) The most prevalent age group of the adenocarcinoma was 40∼49 years and the average age was 48.67 years old. 9) The uterine cervix cancers showed inflammatory reaction of moderate to severe degree in 59.24% in which epidermoid carcinoma in 42.85%∼66.66% according to the cell types, and adenocarcinoma in 16.66%. 10) The uterine cervix cancers revealed moderate to severe eosinophilic infiltration in 31.93%, in which carcinoma in situ in 14.81%, microinvasive carcinoma in 15%, and invasive carcinoma in 35.25%∼42.85% according to the cell types. 11) The most frequent clinical symptoms of the uterine cervix cancers are irregular vaginal bleeding(52.7%) and contacting bleeding(15.36%).
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