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Etc Optic Nerve Glioma -A Report of Two Cases-
Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine 1982;16(3):547-552
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Department of Clinical Pathology, Catholic Medical College, Seoul, Korea

Glioma of the optic nerve is a rare intracranial tumor that most commonly occurs in children. It is slowly growing tumor most commonly exhibiting a fusiform shape. It consists of mainly fibrillary or pilocytic astrocytes and partly of oligodendroglias. At present, the origin and nature of this tumor are not clear, although many authors consider it as a congenital harmartoma rather than a true neoplasm. Recently we experienced two cases of optic nerve glioma. The first case was a six month old male infant who had right exophthalmos discovered fifteen days prior to admission. Any abnormal physical findings were not noted except for suspicous lateral gaze palsy. On operation, there was a fusiform mass, 1.5×1.0×1.0㎝, in the retrobulbar region of the right optic nerve, which extended to the portion of left optic nerve, and bilateral cranial portion of the optic nerves through the optic chiams. Microscopically, this tumor consisted of a mixture of spindle shaped and stellate astrocytes. In some areas, microcystic changes were also noted. Occasionally Rosenthal fibers were observed. The second case was a sixteen years old female patient who suffered from loss of visual acuity ten month before admission, and progressive exophalmos for four months. On operation, there was a fusiform mass, 3.0×1.5×1.3㎝, in the retrobulbarregion of the left optic nerve. It has light yellow color and rubbery consistency, and extended near the left optic foramen. On microscopic examination, this tumor was composed of fibrous astrocytes and oligodendroglia. In relatively loose areas, there were moderate to severe microcystic changes.

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